Understanding the Importance of Color Separator to Non-mining Enterprises
Understanding the Importance of Color Separator to Non-mining Enterprises
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Understanding the Importance of Color Separator to Non-mining Enterprises

The color sorter for Barite, using photoelectric principle and high resolution sensor, recognizes and eliminates the color of raw materials, so as to achieve sorting. For example, potassium feldspar is separated from quartz or complex, and calcite is purified.

1. Improving ore grade, raising selling price and increasing revenue

After mining, the raw ore contains more inclusions, and some contain more associated ores. The two kinds of ores are mixed, which makes it difficult to sell at a high price. But the price of high-grade ore is several times higher, such as high-grade quartz, which is expensive and in short supply.

2.Color separation has high accuracy and efficiency, thus reducing production costs

Ore can be separated only after crushing. Ore size is small, and manual selection is carrying, having the low efficiency and high cost. Color sorting machine sorting after crushing some can be directly on the machine for sorting, and some only need pickling after sorting. Basically, it can be selected at one time to meet customer requirements.

3. Increase tailings utilization rate and reduce waste discharge

The color sorter for Barite has high separation accuracy, reducing the output of useful ore in tailings, improving the utilization rate of tailings, and avoiding waste of resources. Ores can also be classified according to customer requirements.

4. Improving the purity of ores and benefiting the fine processing of non-metallic ores

At present, China's non-metallic mines are still in the development stage of "first-class resources, second-class products", and still "holding the golden bowl for food". The government encourages and promotes the transformation from primary processing to fine processing. The requirement for ore grade has been greatly improved. As a new beneficiation technology, color sorter for Barite can select high-quality ore that meets the requirements. It provides a new technology for the transformation of mineral raw material industry to mineral material industry.

5. The selection of the color sorter for Barite does not need any chemical additives, which is green and environmental protection

The color separator only uses color separation, which will not cause any other influence on the ore itself.

Lingheng color sorter for Barite has the characteristics of the crawler structure, low belt-out ratio, low damage rate, high sorting accuracy, which can be done the dry or wet sorting.

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