PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter
PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter


Sorting Example of PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter


LINPRO Special Technology of PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter

PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter
  • The system includes lighting system, image acquisition unit, processing unit, and execution unit, which is implemented based on machine vision technology. Besides, field experiment was performed. The result reveals that the system has a high accuracy of measurement and a fast response speed.
  • We designed smart hardware & software combinations to get best result, combined with new big data technology, it have super wide identification with colors;
  • High Pixels Line array cameras can identify every different color PVC PET bottle flakes precisely.
  • DSP+FPGA processing technology adopted for fast order from cameras to ejector.
  • Connected with dust removal system, the optical color sorting machine can work accurately to separate the different colors PVC PET bottle flakes.
  • Automatic cleaning system can be set according to your need.
  • Low power consumption, save the production cost.

About capacity of PVC PET Bottle Flakes Color Sorter


The main factors which decide the specific capacity:
  • The impurity: how many different color plastic flakes mixed inside.
  • The thickness of the bottle flakes, it may quite different from different Countries.

Please contact us for the best suggestion of choose a suitable size machine, thanks!

LINPRO technology support and service
  • We will send an engineer to install machine well in local factory, and running machine well.
  • Our engineer will give professional training for customers’
  • 24 hours engineer consultation service on line during machine running time.
  • Warranty provided.
  • Software updated to follow LINPRO rice color sorter technology.

The benefit to adopt color sorting machine
  • Save labor cost a lot.
  • Able to get high quality recycled PVC PET flakes
  • Improve the economy value.

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