Application of Peanut Color Sorter Machine in Peanut Processing Technology
Application of Peanut Color Sorter Machine in Peanut Processing Technology
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Application of Peanut Color Sorter Machine in Peanut Processing Technology

Peanut is rich in fat, protein, trace elements and other nutrients, which can be processed into peanut oil, protein powder and other seed products. Peanut color sorter machine is widely used in peanut processing technology, which greatly improves the quality of peanuts and protects people's health.

1. Main Components of Peanuts

Peanut is a famous long-growing fruit, also known as fallen flower and fruit. It is rich in nutrition and contains half of fat, about one third of protein, and 8 essential amino acids for human body and is a cash crop for both food and oil. Peanuts are also rich in trace elements, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on, which can be eaten after simple processing, and raw and cooked food can also be eaten. After deep processing, peanuts can be made into various advanced peanut processed products, which can be used for retail, export, seed and other purposes.

2. Nutritional value of peanut

  • Promoting human growth and development
  • Enhancing intelligence
  • Anti-aging
  • Moisten lung and relieve cough

3. Processing of Peanut Food

There are many processing options for peanut products, and the most common one is peanut oil. Studies have confirmed that the zinc content of peanut oil is many times higher than salad oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil and soybean oil. Other processed peanut foods include all kinds of peanut products, such as protein powder, peanut kernels, peanut butter, peanut milk, salty peanuts and so on. It should be noted that peanut food processing requires higher quality of peanuts. Generally, peanut kernels with bright color, full granules, smooth, round, insect-free eyes and disease-free spots are selected as processing materials. Therefore, if peanut contains some low-quality particles or mildew, soil and other impurities, it is necessary to use the peanut color sorter for color selection, remove the impurities and inferior particles, which has reached the processing requirements.

With the growing popularity of peanut products in the market and the growing call for food safety, peanut processing enterprises have set up peanut color sorter machine in the presence. On the one hand, it strengthens the competitiveness of the enterprise itself and helps the enterprise to form a good brand reputation; on the other hand, it provides people with a steady stream of safe and healthy peanut products.

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