Tea Color Sorter
Tea Color Sorter
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Tea Color Sorter

We have three type tea color sorter: 3 stage, 2 stage and 1 stage. LINPRO AI tea color sorter good at sort all kind of tea, such as black tea, green tea, flower tea etc. The special machine structure and software bring high accuracy and low waste.

LINPRO's tea colour sorting machine can not only sorting tea by color to get rid of tea leaves, also can sorting tea by shape to select the tea stems out. Meanwhile, it keeps high accuracy and high capacity to sorting different size black tea and green tea.

We LINPRO take technology research and development as very important work, the new AI intelligent tea color sorter owns more advantages: bigger capacity, Low waste below 0.2%, higher accuracy up to 99.99%, lower power consumption. 

Here we have two inner pages for the machine, black tea color sorter and green tea color sorter, please check the related page to get more information, thanks.

LINPRO, let the tea sorting process more surprise !
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