Arhar Dal Color Sorter
Arhar Dal Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Arhar Dal Color Sorter

Arhar Dal Color Sorter
Model PRO-B3, with capacity 1000-2000 kg/hour

Color Sorter Function

LINPRO AI arhar dal color sorter able to separate the defective arhar dals according to the color difference with good arhar dals, through blowing the mildew/bited/diseased/immature arhar dal out by high frenquency injector.

Technical Advantage of Arhar Dal Color Sorter

Arhar Dal Color Sorter

Machine Details of Arhar Dal Color Sorter


After sales service

Below are our basic after sales services:
1. Our professional engineer available to service machine in local;
2. 1 year machine quality guarantee;
3. Software updated lifetime to enjoy LINPRO' s newest technology.

About Arhar Dal Color Sorter

The Arhar dal are renowned for their high quality and awesome flavor and fragrance. In addition to this, it is full of several vital ingredients like proteins, mineral etc. Because of the great taste, it become one of  the chief items served at the lunch time mainly in India.

In a 100 gram amount, cooked (boiled) dal contains 9% protein, 70% water, 20% carbohydrates.

Dal preparations are eaten with rice (in eastern India), as well as rotis, chapati and naan (in western India) on the Indian subcontinent. In the Indian subcontinent, it is eaten with rice and with a wheat flatbread called roti. The manner in which it is cooked and presented varies by region. In South India, dal is primarily used to make the dish called sambar.

How color sorter reject the bad products

A color sorter which sorts products delivered in single file to a photoelectric scanning head by directing acceptable products into an accept chute and diverting products which do not match the color standard for the product into a reject chute designed and shaped to deflect the rejected products into reject bins and minimize reentry of deflected products into the accept chute.

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