LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter
LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter

LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter
PRO-S7, capacity 800-3000 kg/hour

Function of Sesame Color Sorter

1. LINPRO sesame color sorter machine able to separate defective sesame & clean other foreign impurities which missed by vibrating screen.
2. Able to sort white sesame, black sesame, white yellow sesame and variegated sesame
3. It also performs good to sort other seeds, beans etc.

Application of Sesame Color Sorter

1. Improve sesame oil quality for oil producer.
2. Improve sesame quality for sesame grower and trader.

LINPRO Technology

LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter

Sesame Color Sorter Technical Details

There are different size sesame color sorter machines available for choosing.
LINPRO Sesame Color Sorter
Please note: Voltage will be 220V/50HZ, it can be change to 60HZ accordingly.

After sales service

1. Professional engineers service in local to set machine well, and provide training.
2. 1 Year machine warranty provided.
3. Free software updated to keep the newest technology.

FAQ of Sesame Color Sorter

1. Is the sesame color sorting machine can work together with sesame cleaning machine?
Yes, it usually work after sesame cleaning machine like vibrating screen.

2. Are there any other equipments need to work for our sesame color sorter machine?
Air production system:  *air compressor   *air tank   * air dryer
(You can also buy in local)

Welcome to contact us for any of your questions.

About Sesame

It is planted in tropical regions of the world and in some temperate regions. With a seed oil content of up to 55%, it is one of the major oil crops in China.
Sesame contains a lot of fat and protein, and linoleic acid has the effect of regulating cholesterol. Sesame is rich in vitamin E, which can prevent the damage of lipid peroxide to the skin. Sesame also has the effect of nourishing blood, making the skin smooth, rosy and shiny.
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