Black Beans Color Sorter
Black Beans Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Black Beans Color Sorter

Black Beans Color Sorter

Model PRO-B3,with capacity 1000-2200 kg/hour

Black beans Color Sorter Function

LINPRO AI black beans color sorter able to separate the defective black beans according to the color difference with good black beanss, through blowing the bad black beans out by high frenquency injector.

Black Beans Color Sorter Technical Details

Black Beans Color Sorter

Color Sorter machine List

Black-Beans-Color-Sorter list

After sales service
Below are the basic services:

1. We can send an engineer to set the machine well in local;
2. 1 year machine quality guarantee;
3. Software updated lifetime to enjoy LINPRO's newest technology.

Black Beans Color Sorter

For our service details, please feel free to contact with us.

About Black beans

Black beans are black seeds of the leguminous soybean (scientific name: Glycinemax (L.) merr). Black bean has a protein content of 36% and is easy to digest. It is of great significance to meet the needs of the human body for protein. The fat content is 16%, mainly containing unsaturated fatty acids, and the absorption rate is as high as 95%. In addition to meeting the body's need for fat, it also lowers blood. The role of cholesterol; black beans are rich in vitamins, yolks, melanin and lecithin. Among them, B vitamins and vitamin E are high in content and have a nutritive health effect. Black beans are also rich in trace elements to maintain the body's functions. Complete, delaying body aging, reducing blood viscosity, and meeting the brain's demand for trace substances are essential.

Black beans are rich in nutrients, containing various nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and trace elements. They also have a variety of biologically active substances such as black bean pigment, black bean polysaccharide and isoflavones.
It is highly planted and used in China, because of its’ important health effects:

1. lower cholesterol
2. nourishing kidney
3. the role of spleen
4. Stop asthma, cure cough
5. beauty effects, anti-aging
6. detoxification, weight loss
7. improve anemia

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