Mixed Glasses Color Sorter
Mixed Glasses Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Mixed Glasses Color Sorter


Using the color sorter machine will significantly reduce labor costs. It brings a lot of work for manual sorting, which increases the labor intensity of the laborers and increases the production cost of the enterprise to some extent.

LINPRO Special Technology of Mixed Glasses Color Sorter

Mixed Glasses Color Sorter

  • We designed smart hardware & software combinations to get best result, combined with new big data technology, it have super wide identification with colors;
  • High Pixels Line array cameras can identify every different colors glass precisely.
  • DSP+FPGA processing technology adopted for fast order from cameras to ejector.
  • Different shape and size glass are suitable to use by our colour sorting machine.

About capacity of Mixed Glasses Color Sorter

About capacity

The specific capacity will be depends on the size and impurity of the mixed glass granule.

Technical Service of Mixed Glasses Color Sorter

* We will send an engineer to install machine well in local factory, and running machine well.
* Our engineer will give professional training for customers’

The kinds of glass and it's application

Fused quartz: It is used for high-temperature applications such as furnace tubes, lighting tubes, melting crucibles, etc.
Soda-lime-silica glass, window glass: It is used for windows, some low-temperature incandescent light bulbs, and tableware.
Sodium borosilicate glass, Pyrex:  Used for chemical glassware, cooking glass, car head lamps, etc.
Lead-oxide glass, crystal glass,lead glass: Because of its high densityit has a high refractive index, making the look of glassware more brilliant.
Aluminosilicate glass: used for making glass-reinforced plastics and for halogen bulb glass.
Germanium-oxide glass: Extremely clear glass, used for fiber-optic waveguides in communication networks.
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