What are the advantages of LINPRO new ore color sorter ?
What are the advantages of LINPRO new ore color sorter ?
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What are the advantages of LINPRO new ore color sorter ?

Ore color sorter (mineral color sorter)generally have belt type color sorter and chute type color sorters. Due to the hard texture of the ore, the effect of the chute machine is mostly unsatisfactory, while belt type is expensive, in addition, the belt & bearing are easy to broken and need to be changed every 1 or 2 years, causing high maintenance cost.


The LINPRO R & D team has recently developed a new type of ore color sorting machine, which has large processing output, high screening accuracy, and very little waste. It can screen various types of ores of 5mm to 50mm particle size, including quartz sand, quartz stone, potash feldspar, and heavy crystal stone, wollastonite, calcite, calcium carbonate, mica, etc.


LINPRO ore color sorter can work according to the color difference and the lightness and darkness of the color in the ore, and separate out impurities and different-colored ores automatically.


After the ore enters the sorting area of the machine, it passes through between the image processing sensor CCD and the background device. Under the action of the light source, the CCD receives the synthetic light signal from the selected material, causing the system to generate an output signal, and then amplify it and transmit it FPGA + ARM operation processing system, and then the control system sends out instructions to drive the injection solenoid valve to blow the different-colored particles into the defective tank.


LINPRO's new color sorting machine adopts top brands from important accessories such as cameras, high-frequency solenoid valves, circuit boards, etc. to screws and wires. At the same time, the rack is thick and stable, with high load bearing.


In addition, the complete ore color sorter system includes the following equipment:

1. Equipment provided by LINPRO: color sorter, air compressor, gas storage tank, cold dryer, UPS power supply (optional), feeding hopper

2. Equipment purchased or manufactured locally by the user: the platform of the color sorter (we can provide drawings), the feed conveyor & the discharge conveyor (can be purchased locally)

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