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Wheat Color Sorters Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Wheat Color Sorters


LINPRO Technology of Wheat Color Sorters

Wheat Color Sorter

Function of Wheat Color Sorters

LINPRO wheat sorting machine will working to separate the black embryo granules, mildew, disease spot wheat, buckwheat, and foreign impurity like wheat straw, insect, stone, mud, etc.

Application of Wheat Color Sorters

The machine can use in below lines:
* Flour processing plant    * Wheat acquisition processing plant    * Wheat growers

Machine Technical Details of Wheat Color Sorters

* Big capacity    * Very low carry out waste     * Long time used    * Power saving

Please note: Usually voltage will be 220V/50HZ, if you need to change to 60HZ, please let us know.
If there is any question regarding how to choose a suitable wheat sorter, please feel free to let us know.

After sales service

1. Engineers service in local
2. 1 Year warranty provided.
3. Free software updated to keep the newest technology.

FAQ of Wheat Color Sorters

1. Will the wheat color sorting machine bring benefit?
Yes. First of all, the direct benefit is to increase the wheat purchase price for growers. Second, Wheat powder quality will be improved greatly, thus get higher quality for powder and wheat food, as well as price.

2. Is the wheat color sorting machine can work together with wheat cleaning machine?
Yes, it usually work after wheat cleaning machine, but before packing machine.

3. Are there any other equipments need to work with our wheat color sorter machine?
Air production system:  *air compressor   *air tank   * air dryer
(You can also buy in local)

Auxiliary equipment:  * color sorter platform   * elevator    * big feed bin   * conveyor
(We can provide technical drawings to help you make in local; or you can purchase from us with wheat color sorter)

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