Multifunction Color Sorter
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Multifunction Color Sorter

Multifunction Color Sorter

Special technology of Multifunction Color Sorter

Multifunction Color Sorter
AI multi-function color sorter are designed aim to sorting different products together to satisfy different customer’s requirements.

We designed smart hardware & software combinations to get best result, combined with new big data technology, it have super wide identification with colors which covered multi products;
By adopt LIinpro AI intelligent technology, DSP+FPGA processing technology;
5400 Pixel camera and full-color image acquisition system, the sorting accurancy nowadays achieve to a higher level.

The favorite intelligent operating system make change to between sorting different products getting very convenient, easy to save product file, easy to change to sorting another product by buttons.

Application of Multifunction Color Sorter

The high level AI multi-function color sorter machine able to sorting different products well with one machine.

Application area:

rice, wheat, peanut, pulses & beans, seeds, spices and other agriculture products.

One set AI multi-function color sorter can also working with different material plastic flakes, plastic bottle cap flakes, and other plastic products.
It have good performance for sorting different mineral like quartz sand, K-feldspar, calite, calcium, etc.

About capacity of Multifunction Color Sorter

Multifunction Color Sorter

Different size machines can be chosen according to the required capacity. Take peanut for example, capacity will be different from 500kg/hour (mini size peanut color sorter)to 3.5ton/hour (biggest peanut color sorter). Meanwhile, the capacity will be quite different among varity products.

So how to choose a suitable size machine?

Just let us know the how many products will be sorting by our machine, and your required capacity for each products, we will make best suggestion for you.

Technical service of Multifunction Color Sorter

For sorting multi products with one machine, our engineer will help customers to set machine well to sorting each products. Meanwhile will guide customers how to operate the machine to get best performance.

Right now, the multi-function color sorter machine more and more used and popular by multi-function processing plant.

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