Pistachio Color Sorter
Pistachio Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Pistachio Color Sorter

Pistachio Color Sorter
Model PRO-N5,with capacity 1500-3000 kg/hour

Pistachio Color Sorter Function

1. Pistachio color sorter not only can used to sort shelled pistachio, also can sort pistachio kernel.
2. Separate the defective pistachio: LINPRO color sorter able to separate the defective pistachio or kernel according to the color difference with good pistachio, through blowing the bad pistachio or kernel out by injector.
3. Classify pistachio: Our color sorter also can classify pistachio to different grades by depth of the color.

Pistachio Color Sorter Technical Details

Pistachio Color Sorter

Color Sorter Machine List

Pistachio Color Sorter

LINPRO After Sales Service

We provide VIP service for every customer, here list the basic terms:
1. We can send an professional engineer to set the machine well in overseas;
2. 1 year quality guarantee;
3. Software updated lifetime to enjoy LINPRO' s newest technology.
Pistachio Color Sorter
4. Total free consultation during machine life time.

About Pistachio

Pistachio is mainly distributed in the countries along the Mediterranean coast, and it is also cultivated in Xinjiang, China. It is native to Iran and is distributed in Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries. The southwestern United States and California also have a certain planting area. Russia and Xinjiang in mainland China have also been widely cultivated.

Health benefits
1. Helps reduce blood fat, lowers the risk of heart attack, lowers cholesterol
2. It can resist oxidation and is also good for protecting the retina.
3. Make people feel full and satisfied, helping to reduce food intake and control weight

Pistachio market in China

China does not grow pistachios, but pistachios are very popular in China. Every year, Chinese people are used to spending a lot of pistachios. It is almost a must for every family, mainly shelled nuts.
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