Pulses Color Sorter
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Pulses Color Sorter

LINPRO AI pulses color sorter is used to sort lentils, chana dal, massor dal, moong dal, arhar dal, urad dal etc.

Different size machines with different capacity can be chosen. Here give brief introduction of three hot models:
Model PRO-B1:  mini type, smart with wheels for easy moving anywhere, capacity around 500kg/hour
Model PRO-B3:  capacity around 1500kg/hour
Model PRO-B5:  capacity around 2500kg/hour
Meanwhile, there are other models can meet your needs, please check any inner pages for details.

LINPRO technology support and service

* We will send an engineer to install machine well in local factory, and running machine well.
* Our engineer will give professional training for customers’
* 24 hours engineer consultation service on line during machine running time.
* Warranty provided.
* Software updated to follow LINPRO rice color sorter technology.

Why use a corn pulses color sorter?

Well, compare with impurity as 8%, after using a color sorter, the accuracy as high as 99.9% will promote your beans’ sell and able to get higher price and value. Meanwhile, our AI intelligent color sorting machine can be adjust to any accuracy as you need, like sorting to 99.5% accuracy so save electricity and get faster process, OK!

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