Nuts Color Sorter
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Nuts Color Sorter

LINPRO AI nuts color sorter able to sort cashew nut, walnut, pistachio, sunflower seeds, almond, pine nut and hazelnut etc. It can both work for sorting nuts kernel and nuts in shell.

What is a nuts color sorter? Well, you can think about it as a cleaning machine, but actually it is totally different from traditional cleaning machine. The principle of it is to separate defective nuts from good nuts by color, any bad nuts can’t escape from the machine’s cameras, which can process much quickly than our human eyes. Thus there have big capacity compare with hand picking.

What’s the capacity will be? Take our smallest color sorter for example (mini color sorter), it can sorting at least 150kg/hour. For most nuts, the capacity is even higher. The middle size sorting machine can get 2500kg/hour capacity, while the bigger machines can process more!

Then how about the accuracy? We are proud to say it will above 99.9%! So you can get nearly pure good nuts by own one LINPRO’s nut sorting machine.

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