Almond Color Sorter
Almond Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Almond Color Sorter

Almond Color Sorter
Model PRO-N5,with capacity 1500-3000 kg/hour

LINPRO Almond Color Sorter Function

1. Working for shelled Almond, to separate the worm mildew almond, dark almond and other defectives.
2. Working for Almond kernel, to get rid of the defective kernel and impurities.
3. LINPRO color sorter not only can used to separate raw almond, also can sort roasted almond.
4. Our machine can sort different kind Almond from different areas(like sweet almond and bitter almond).

Machine Technical Details

Almond Color Sorter

Color Sorter Machine List

Almond Color Sorter
If there is any question about how to select a suitable size machine, please feel free to contact with us.

LINPRO After Sales Service

We provide VIP service for every customer' s machine, here list the basic service terms:
1. We can send an professional engineer to set the machine well in overseas;
2. 1 year quality guarantee;
3. Software updated lifetime to enjoy LINPRO' s newest technology.
Almond Color Sorter
4.Total free consultation during machine life time.

Kinds of Almond and The Usage

Almond originated in Central Asia, West Asia, the Mediterranean region, introduced in warm temperate regions.
Sweet almond has rich nutritional value and is a very valuable dried fruit on the market. It can be eaten raw and eaten directly. Sweet almonds are not only rich in unsaturated fat, vitamin E, high-quality protein, dietary fiber, but also contain calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other minerals, which are easily absorbed by the body and beauty.

Bitter almonds can be used as medicine, and bitter almonds contain bitter almonds. Traditional Chinese medicine has long used almonds to treat the usual diseases. The amygdalin ingredient contained in almonds not only relieves cough and asthma, but also has a great effect on fighting tumors. It is a major contribution to medicine.
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