Quartz Sand Color Sorter
Quartz Sand Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Quartz Sand Color Sorter


Advantages of LINPRO Optical Color Sorter

Quartz sand color sorter

About capacity of Quartz Sand Color Sorter

We have several models machine with different capacity.


There are mainly two factors decide the capacity of the color sorting machine: The mesh and impurity.
Please contact us for best suggestion of how to select a suitable model machine, thanks!

Technical Service

* We will send an engineer to install machine well in local factory, and running machine well.
* Our engineer will give professional training for customers.
* 24 hours engineers’ service online support during machine life time.
We are aim to provide every customer our VIP service.

The benefit to adopt color sorting machine

1. Significantly reduce labor costs every year.
2. Improve the quality of ore. While manual sort is easy to miss part of the stone, the color sorter can make the stone quality improved a lot.

How LINPRO Color Sorter Working for Quartz Stone and Sand?

1) Feeding system: The feeding system is used to transport the original ore, and the original ore is irradiated through the system to achieve the purpose of separating the original ore.
2) Irradiation detection system: As the main core part of the color sorter, the ore is used to detect the feedback information by using the perspective technology sensor under the external conditions such as the light source.
3) Information Processing System: The information processing system is the control part of the entire color sorter, with control and decision-making functions. Mainly based on the detected signals, the identification task is completed, and the information is sent to the separation system for further processing.
4) Separation execution part: The separation execution part mainly receives signals from the information processing system to separate the ore or waste rock from the original motion track.

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