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Dry Flower Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Dry Flower Color Sorter



Application of Dry Flower Color Sorter

  • Our dry flowers color sorter can separate dry petals or whole dry flowers
  • It can use for sorting different kinds of flowers, such as dry rose, jasmine, Iris, lavender, lily of the valley, violet, honeysuckle, osmanthus etc.

Function of Dry Flower Color Sorter

Dry Flower Color Sorter

* LINPRO color sorting machine performs good to select the defective dry petals or the whole dry flowers by color.
* Separating the rot dark dry petals or flowers
* Separating the too light color dry petals or flowers according to your choice
* Separating the flower sticks by color or by shape difference
* Separating other foreign impurities

Easy Understand about How Color Sorting Machine Working

1. The CCD cameras check the bad dry flowers from the color difference with good dry flowers
2. Information collected and order given to the ejector
3. By the help of compressed air from air compressor, high frequency ejectors blow the bad dry flowers to a separated hopper.

The Benefits to Use a Dry Flowers Color Sorting Machine

  • Improve the quality: Machines can perform highly repetitive tasks better than humans. Worker fatigue on assembly lines can result in reduced performance, and cause challenges in maintaining product quality. An employee who has been performing an inspection task over and over again may eventually fail to recognize the color of product.
  • Save labor cost: LINPRO color sorter machine can work for over 10 years.

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Our service

1. We can send an engineer to set the machine well for running in local, and provide training.
2. 1 Year warranty provided.
3. Free software updated to follow LINPRO newest technology.

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