Color Sorter
Color Sorter


* Independently designed big data technology, wide application, perfect sorting accuracy;
* Smooth machine structure brings large output;
* AI software, smarter operation
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  • Multifunction Color Sorter

    Multifunction Color Sorter

    Our high level AI multi-function color sorter machine able to sorting different products well with one machine, such as rice, and wheat.
  • Minerals Color Sorter

    Minerals Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI mineral color sorter machine able to sorting different size quartz sand, K-feldspar, calite, calcium, wollastonite, etc.
  • Plastics Color Sorter

    Plastics Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI plastic color sorter machine able to separate PVC, PP, PET plastic flakes and plastic granules, plastic bottle caps, mixed plastic granule etc.
  • Rice Color Sorter

    Rice Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI rice color sorter machine including different size machines, from small capacity to super big capacity.
  • Peanut Color Sorter

    Peanut Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI peanut color sorter machine able to separate defective peanut kernel which immature, with black point, bited, wrinkled or off skinned efficiently.
  • Wheat Series Color Sorter

    Wheat Series Color Sorter

    Different size AI wheat color sorter are designed to cooperate with different capacity production line.
  • Corn Color Sorter

    Corn Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI color sorter machine brings big capacity up to 20 ton/hour with our biggest machine, at the same time we developed new technology to give accurate rejection of small black point corn.
  • Pulses Color Sorter

    Pulses Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI pulses color sorter is used to sort lentils, chana dal, massor dal, moong dal, arhar dal, urad dal etc. Different capacity size pulses color sorter available for choosing.
  • Beans Color Sorter

    Beans Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI beans color sorter applied to sort both fresh & dry beans, such as soybeans, moong beans, red beans, board beans, , black beans, fried gram etc. Meanwhile able to sort beans granule, like small soybean granule.
  • Nuts Color Sorter

    Nuts Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI nuts color sorter able to sort cashew nut, walnut, pistachio, sunflower seeds, almond, pine nut and hazelnut etc. It can both work for sorting nuts kernel and nuts in shell.
  • Tea Color Sorter

    Tea Color Sorter

    We have three type tea color sorter: 3 stage , 2 stage and 1 stage. LINPRO AI tea color sorter good at sort all kind of tea, such as black tea, green tea, flower tea etc. The special machine structure and software bring high accuracy and low waste.
  • Seeds Color Sorter

    Seeds Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI seeds color sorter machine designed specially to sorting small grain or seeds, such as sesame, quinoa, chia seeds, lotus seeds vegetable seeds and fenugreek seed etc.
  • Spices Color Sorter

    Spices Color Sorter

    LINPRO spices color sorter good at sorting different chili pepper, mustard, coriander, cumin etc. Which special is it can sort tiny and light spices. Different size machines with different capacity.
  • Frozen Fruits Color Sorter

    Frozen Fruits Color Sorter

    LINPRO AI frozen fruits color sorter able to sort frozen wolfberry, frozen blueberry, frozen strawberry, frozen raspberry etc. It made by full stainless steel , and full water-proof, let the machine working in low temperature below zero.
  • Dry Fruits And Vegetables Color Sorter

    Dry Fruits And Vegetables Color Sorter

    LINPRO dry fruits and vegetables color sorterr widely used for sorting raisins, dates, betel nut, dehydrated vegetables, dry flowers and dry shrimps. Custom-made service provided according to the specific products, capacity and other requirements.