New Technology of Peanut Peeling
New Technology of Peanut Peeling
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New Technology of Peanut Peeling

1. Before the peanuts enter the peeling machine, they must be screened. If the peanuts are not screened, there will be uneven size. Only the peanuts of uniform size can take off the red skin. Next, the peanuts with mildew, mildew, and immature peanuts were screened out using a peanut color sorter, followed by subsequent peeling.

2. The peeling method
The wet peeling method, that is, after the peanut is soaked, the machine is peeled off, and the removal rate is high.

3. The soaking sequence and time
The relationship between soaking sequence and time is a technical key to the process. Practice shows that the optimal soaking sequence and time are: first cold soak for 30 minutes, then hot soak for 0.5 to 1 minute.

4. Matters needing attention
After hot dip, you must bring warm water into the machine together, so that it does not dry, does not cool, to achieve a satisfactory peeling effect.

The above method is used to peel the peanuts, and the peeling rate is close to 100%, which greatly improves the peeling efficiency and improves the quality of the peanut food.
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