Minerals Color Sorter
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Minerals Color Sorter

LINPRO AI minerals color sorter machine able to sorting different size quartz sand, K-feldspar, calite, calcium, wollastonite, glasses etc. Built in dust removal system, fault self-test system, SMC filtering system, will guarantee the machine running for long time efficiently.

We developed a group of minerals sorting machine, which have different capacity for each size machine:

Small capacity sorter: model PRO-A1, PRO-A2, PRO-A3
Middle capacity sorter: model PRO-A5
Big capacity sorter: model PRO-A7
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The specific capacity of each machine will be depends on the size (mesh) of the mineral, and the impurity.

The machine performance high assured by LINPRO's new big data technology, it have super wide identification with colors, and high pixels Line array cameras can identify every different colors barite precisely.

LINPRO not only provide machines, also provide our best service for every customer. We can send professional engineer who can speak English to your factory to set the machine well for running, and during machine life time, if you meet any question or problem, welcome to contact us any time, your phone call/email/message will be get fast response!

The Benefit for use a mineral colour sorting machine:

First, waste stones will be decrease a lot. Because the manual selection can only pick large ore, the good part of the large ore is also thrown away. With a color sorter, you can pick ore sizes as small as 120 mesh, which greatly reduces waste. Second, Save labor cost and improve the ore’s accuracy, by adopt the color sorter, the accuracy of ore can up to 99.99%.

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