Rice Color Sorter
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Rice Color Sorter

LINPRO AI rice color sorter machine including different size machines, from small capacity to super big capacity as 15 ton/hour, with the final accuracy up to 99.999%.

What's the advantage of our rice colour sorter?

Big capacity with new software and structure; Low waste below 0.2%; High accuracy up to 99.999%; DSP+FPGA processing technology; Connected with dust removal system; Automatic cleaning system; Low power consumption.

With LINPRO's new AI technology, the discolor rice, milky rice, yellow rice will be identify and sorted out more precisely.

Three types rice color sorter

Super big capacity rice color sorter: Model PRO-R7, PRO-R8, PRO-R9, capacity 6-16 ton/hour
big capacity rice color sorter: Model PRO-R5, PRO-R6, capacity 4-10 ton/hour
small rice color sorter: Model PRO-R1, PRO-R2, PRO-R3, capacity 1-5 ton/hour
You can find the suitable size machine from inner pages.

About capacity

Right now, with the newest AI big data technology, the rice color sorter capacity raise on a new level. There are several factors which decided each model machine’s specific capacity: impurity and rice type from different Countries.
So if you have any questions regarding how to choose a suitable size machine, or what’s the capacity will be, please feel free to let us know.

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