Spices Color Sorter
Spices Color Sorter
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Spices Color Sorter

Spices have an irreplaceable position in the history of human diet, provide us foods with different taste experiences. Variety spices have been discovered among thousands of years.

In recent year, color sorter machine which can improve spices' quality a big step, has obtained more and more value and attention.

LINPRO's AI intelligent spices colour sorter machine can working to separate different kinds of spices, such as different types of chilli, mustard, coriander seeds, cumin seeds etc. With high accuracy, big capacity, low waste and low power consumption, our machines are liked by different Countries customers including India, which takes import stage in spices market.

We aim to provide all customers our VIP service and most value machine with competitive price! For the machine details, please check from inner pages, and do not hesitate to contact us for best inquiry!
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