Wollastonite Color Sorter
Wollastonite Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Wollastonite Color Sorter


The Working Process of LINPRO Color Sorting machine.

* The working principle: The ore color sorting machine is mainly used for separating the different frequencies or wavelengths of the reflected light waves of the different color materials between the qualified ore and the waste rock or the mineral to be separated.
* Machine structure: The ore color sorter is divided into a feeding system, an irradiation and detection system, an information processing system, and a separation execution system.
* LINPRO wollastonite optical color sorting machine's advantage:
a.  Special system and software make one set machine performs good to sorting different size mineral;
b.  Dust removal system inside works efficiently to reduce the dust’s interference for camera checking, thus keep the high sorting accuracy.

Advantages of LINPRO Optical Color Sorter

Wollastonite Color Sorter

About capacity of Wollastonite Color Sorter


The size and the impurity will decide the specific capacity.
If there is any question about how the choose a suitable size machine, welcome to contact us.

Technical Service

* We will send an engineer to install machine well in local factory, and running machine well.
* Our engineer will give professional training for customers’.
* 24 hours technical consultation during machine life time.

The benefit to adopt color sorting machine

1. Significantly reduce labor costs every year.
2. Improve the quality of ore.

Uses of wollastonite

Wollastonite has industrial importance worldwide. It is used in many industries.
In ceramics, wollastonite can maintains brightness during firing, permits fast firing, and reduces crazing, cracking, and glaze defects.
In metallurgical applications, wollastonite serves as a flux for welding, a source for calcium oxide, a slag conditioner.
As an additive in paint, it improves the durability of the paint film, improves its resistance to weathering, reduces gloss, reduces pigment consumption.
In plastics, wollastonite improves tensile and flexural strength, and improves thermal and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.
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