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We provide efficient pre-sales consultation, after-sales technical support, and technical support during machine use, enabling customers all over the world to enjoy VIP services !


Service Details
Before sales
1. Consult the customer's specific needs and site conditions.
2. Provide the most suitable model and give specific plans and recommendations based on the location of the power.
3. Customer audit plan, communicate and adjust where there are doubts, to ensure the details of the plan are correct.

After sales
1. Provide production progress and deliver on time and quality.
2. According to the customer's request, arrange the engineer to go to the local debugging color sorting machine in time to ensure the machine is running satisfactorily.
3. The engineer teaches the customer to operate the machine, routine maintenance, and fault testing.
4. At the end of the overseas service of the engineer, the customer signs the acceptance document and gives the service evaluation level.
5. Provide 1 year warranty.
6. Provide lifetime technical support and contact the engineer directly if you have any questions.
7. Archive the customer's machine data, contact the customer regularly, consult the machine operation, and ensure that the machine is running well.

LINPRO's VIP service tenet: timely, efficient and comprehensive!

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