Seeds Color Sorter
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Seeds Color Sorter

LINPRO's AI intelligent seeds color sorter suitable to sorting variety seeds like sesame, quinoa, chia seeds, vegetable seeds, fenugreek seeds, and lotus seeds.

The working principle of our machine is based on the color difference between good seeds and bad seeds. The CCD camera inside like our eye to identify the bad parts precisely, then the process system like our brain, to give order to the ejector which like our hands to blow the defective seeds out to another hopper, thus the high quality seeds appear just in front of you to make you surprised !

There are different size machines, the capacity are also different. Take the middle size machine for example, it can separate around 800kg sesame, quinoa and chia seeds one hour, 400kg vegetable seeds one hour. Then how about the small size machines and bigger size machines? Please find the full details from related inner pages, thank you.

LINPRO not only provide machines, also provide our best service for every customer. We can send professional engineer who can speak English to your factory to set the machine well for running, and during machine life time, if you meet any question or problem, welcome to contact us any time, your phone call/email/message will be get fast response!

LINPRO, provide you best sorter with considerable service!
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