Plastics Color Sorter
Plastics Color Sorter
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Plastics Color Sorter

LINPRO AI plastic color sorter machine able to separate PVC, PP, PET plastic flakes and plastic granules, plastic bottle cap flakes, ABS flakes, mixed plastic granule, HDPE and LDPE material etc. It basically used to separate by the color. Meanwhile, it can separate transparent and translucent material.

Here is quick learn of the machine range and basic function
PVC PET bottle flakes color sorter :  Separate colored plastic flakes from transparent PVC PET bottle flakes.
PP flakes color sorter: Separate different colors PP flakes
plastic bottle cap flakes color sorter: Separate different colors bottle cap flakes
ABS plastic flake color sorter: Separate all other color plastic from white ABS
mixed plastic granule color sorter:  Separate different color plastic granule
As it is AI intelligent machine, the result can be set according to users' requirements.

There are different size machines, which capacity is different.

The benefit to adopt color sorting machine
Save labor cost a lot; Able to get high quality plastics; Improve the economy value.

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