Why the Color Separator is Used for Ores
Why the Color Separator is Used for Ores
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Why the Color Separator is Used for Ores

The color sorting machine for Barite does the separating operation through the difference between the qualified ores and waste rocks or different frequencies or wave lengths of minerals which are to be separated.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that color sorting machine for Barite saves labor, time and efficiency, simplifies mineral processing process and reduces processing costs compared with manual selection. Through particle size analysis of raw ore and preliminary separation test, color sorting machine for Barite is introduced into the beneficiation process. The results show that the direct economic benefit of the mine reduces the labor cost by about 1.8 million yuan per year, and the indirect economic benefit reduces the cost of beneficiation and treatment by 22.98 million yuan per year. Using color separator for separation, the rejection rate increases by nearly 14%, and the qualified ore grade increases by 16%.

On the other hand, many ores contain impurities, such as pure barite, which is white and lustrous. Due to the influence of impurities and mixtures, it is often shown the color of the gray, light red, light yellow and so on. The color sorting machine for Barite works steadily, produces high output and classifies ores according to color and other factors. It can screen out concentrates with high purity and uniform color, improve the grade and benefit the rational utilization of resources.

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