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Oat Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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Oat Color Sorter

Oats have numerous uses in foods; most commonly, they are rolled or crushed into oatmeal, or ground into fine oat flour. Oatmeal is chiefly eaten as porridge, but may also be used in a variety of baked goods, such as oatcakes, oatmeal cookies and oat bread. Oats are also an ingredient in many cold cereals, in particular muesli and granola.


LINPRO Technology of Oat Color Sorter

Oat Color Sorter

Function of Oat Color Sorter

LINPRO oat sorting machine will working to separate the black embryo granules, mildew, disease spot oat, buckoat, and foreign impurity like oat straw, insect, stone, mud, etc.
The oat color sorting machine is an

Machine Technical Details of Oat Color Sorter

* Big capacity    * Very low carry out waste     * Long time used    * Power saving

Please note: Usually voltage will be 220V/50HZ, if you need to change to 60HZ, please let us know.

After sales service

1. Engineers service in local
2. 1 Year warranty provided.
3. Free software updated to keep the newest technology.

About oat

Oats are best grown in temperate regions. They have a lower summer heat requirement and greater tolerance of rain than other cereals, such as wheat, rye or barley, so are particularly important in areas with cool, wet summers, such as Northwest Europe and even Iceland. Oats are an annual plant, and can be planted either in autumn (for late summer harvest) or in the spring (for early autumn harvest).

Oat Color Sorter Processing:

1. Cleaning and sizing
Upon delivery to the milling plant, chaff, rocks, other grains and other foreign material are removed from the oats. And oat color sorter machine can be used as the step after cleaning and sizing.
2. Dehulling
3. Kilning
4. Sizing of groats
5. Final processing: Flaking, Oat bran milling, Whole flour milling
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