LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter
LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter Linpro AI COLOR SORTER
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LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter

LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter
PRO-B3, capacity 1000-2000 kg/hour

Function of Lotus Seeds Color Sorter

1. LINPRO lotus seeds color sorting machine is used to separate the mildew lotus seeds, dark seeds or other defective seeds out.  .
2. It also can sort other seeds or fruits.

LINPRO Technology of Lotus Seeds Color Sorter

LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter

Lotus Seeds Color Sorter Technical Details

We designed different size machines to satisfy customer' s different capacity need.
LINPRO Lotus Seeds Color Sorter
Please note: Voltage usually will be 220V/50HZ, please let us know if you need 60HZ.

After Sales Service

1. Our professional engineer available to service machine overseas to set machine well for running and provide training.
2. 1 Year machine warranty provided.
3. Free software updated to enjoy LINPRO' s newest technology.

FAQ of Lotus Seeds Color Sorter

Are there any other equipments need to work for our lotus seeds color sorter machine?
1. Air production system:  *air compressor   *air tank   * air dryer
(You can also buy in local)

2. Auxiliary equipment:  * color sorter platform   * elevator    * big feed bin   * conveyor
(We can provide technical drawings to help you make in local; or you can purchase from us with wheat color sorter)

If there is any questions, please feel free to contact us!

About Lotus seeds

Planted area: Produced in the north and south provinces of China. Own or cultivated in ponds or paddy fields. The Soviet Union, North Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, southern Asia and Oceania are all distributed.

The health care functions: It can clear away heat, reduce blood pressure, promote sleep, and has the effect of replenishing spleen and diarrhea, stopping the belt, replenishing the kidney, nourishing the heart and calming the nerves. It often used to treat spleen deficiency, palpitations and insomnia. And it can enhance memory.
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