Peanut Color Sorter
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Peanut Color Sorter


Our Peanut Color Sorter technology

Peanut Color Sorter

Function of Peanut Color Sorter

LINPRO AI peanut color sorter machine able to eliminate the defective peanut as below efficiently.
* peanut with black point     * rot peanut     * worm bited peanut
* immature peanut     * wrinkled peanut     * off skinned peanut

Application of Peanut Color Sorter

Our peanut color sorter machine suitable to adopt in different lines:
* peanut oil factory    * food processing plant which make peanut snakes  * Peanut acquisition processing plant

Please note: Usually voltage will be 220V/50HZ, if you need to change to 60HZ, please let us know.

If there is any question regarding how to choose a suitable sorter, please contact us any time.

Our service

1.What other equipments need to work with peanut color sorter machine?
Air production system:  *air compressor   *air tank   * air dryer
(You can also buy in local)

Auxiliary equipment:  * color sorter platform   * elevator    * big feed bin   * conveyor
(We can provide technical drawings to help you make in local; or you can purchase from us with peanut color sorter)

2.Can you send engineer to set the machine well in local?
Yes, we can.
*The color sorter machine will be installed well before delivery.
*We will send an engineer there to connect the whole color sorting line well.
*Our engineer will provide training in local about how to operate and maintenance your machine.

3. 1 Year warranty provided.

4. We provide software updated service to follow LINPRO rice color sorter' s new technology.

For more about the service and installation, please check from "Service" "Installation" from "Solutions".

For any questions about our peanut color sorting machine, please feel free to contact with us.
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