Dry Fruits And Vegetables Color Sorter
Dry Fruits And Vegetables Color Sorter DRY FRUITS AND VEGETABLE COLOR SORTER
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Dry Fruits And Vegetables Color Sorter

Our AI intelligent dry fruits and vegetables color sorter can sort dry raisins, dry dates, dry wolfberry, dry flower, dehydrated vegetables, dry onion, dry shrimp etc.

What is color sorter? It is quite different than normal cleaning machine, and main function is to separate the unqualified foods from qualified foods by their color difference, like human eyes, however the capacity much bigger, and it can work very well for long time running without stopping. Accuracy as high as 99.9%!

How about the operation? Well, it is the most surprised part. LINPRO’s colour sorting machine is an full intelligent, no need human operation all the time, just open the machine. It set with automatically cleaning system, self-checking system, fault alarm function, let the sorting process very considerable, even no need worker to observe its working all the time.

There are different size machines with different capacity, please check the full machine details and photo from the inner page, if any questions, welcome to inquiry from us right away!

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