Wheat Series Color Sorter
Wheat Series Color Sorter WHEAT COLOR SORTER
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Wheat Series Color Sorter

Different size AI wheat color sorter are designed to cooperate with different capacity production line. An LINPRO wheat sorting machine will working great to separate the black embryo granules, mildew, buckwheat, wheat straw, insect, stone, mud, etc.

Wheat color sorter include two series:  Wheat/barley color sorter;  Oat color sorter

There are 6 models machine with different capacity, from 1 ton to 22 ton per hour, to meet most customers’ need. It suitable for flour processing plant, wheat acquisition processing plant, wheat growers.

As the black granules, mildew granules, hazelnuts, oats, wheat straw, etc., squirrels, corpses, stones, mud, bricks, carbon blocks, slag, etc.) have always been a problem that plagues the quality of high-precision flour. It not only affects the sand content, whiteness and purity of flour, but also contains carcinogenic factors, which poses a serious threat to food hygiene and their health.

The wheat color sorting machine can solve this problem very well. The dark color impurities contained in the wheat are thoroughly removed to ensure the maximum whiteness and purity of the front flour.

Linpro wheat color sorter have super big capacity to satisfy the need, for example, model PRO-W5 capacity is over 8 ton/hour, and model PRO-W7 capacity is over 12 tons/hour.

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