Wheat Color Sorter Brings A Qualitative Leap To Flour Processing
Wheat Color Sorter Brings A Qualitative Leap To Flour Processing
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Wheat Color Sorter Brings A Qualitative Leap To Flour Processing

In the past few years, the flour market has experienced a big leap. The central content of the change is the substantial improvement in the processing precision of flour and the rapid development of special flour varieties and yields. But black granules, mildew granules, hazelnuts, oats, wheat straw, etc., squirrels, corpses, stones, mud, bricks, carbon blocks, slag, etc.) have always been a problem that plagues the quality of high-precision flour. It not only affects the sand content, whiteness and purity of flour, but also contains carcinogenic factors, which poses a serious threat to food hygiene and their health.

The wheat color sorting machine can solve this problem very well. The working principle of wheat color sorter is to use black impurities and wheat.

The color of the surface is light and the contrast of the light is different. It first distributes the wheat evenly to each color sorter by means of a rotary distributor, and then distributes the wheat stream evenly to each slide through a vibrating splitter. When the wheat passes through a certain angle of the slide, it is loaded. The optical camera lens on both sides of the wheat stream compares the wheat stream through the light to capture a darker target than the wheat, and then converts the light signal into an electrical signal, and then through the signal amplification process, commands the solenoid valve to start the high pressure airflow nozzle. The target is blown with a high-pressure air stream to eject the black impurities to be removed. When spraying, it will bring out a certain proportion of normal wheat, which is a color selection process. The impurities selected in one color and the normal wheat brought out are sent to the secondary color selection system through the hoist, and then the same process is performed to remove the target. Then, the wheat stream with a higher proportion of normal wheat remaining after the second color selection is returned to a color selection system for recoloring. The black impurities selected by the secondary color include a small amount of normal wheat as the lower leg alone. Therefore, the dark color impurities contained in the wheat are thoroughly removed to ensure the maximum whiteness and purity of the front flour.

With the continuous development and updating of the color sorter technology, the hourly processing capacity of the wheat color sorter has been significantly increased. In addition, there are a variety of machines that can meet the output requirements of different customers. Taking a single-channel color sorter as an example, the average processing capacity of the Linpro wheat color sorter is 1.5 tons/hour, then the 5-channel wheat color sorter handles 7.5 tons/hour, and the 7-channel 10.5 tons/hour, while Linpro The color sorter with more than 10 channels has a larger processing capacity. This 300-ton/day production line only needs to be equipped with one or two color sorters. The investment cost is about twice that of conventionally selected equipment, but the selection effect is unmatched by conventional equipment. .

The identification of impurities by wheat color sorting machine lies only in the depth of the color regardless of its shape and specific gravity, due to the original color sorting machine.

The single factor eliminates the interference of many other unfavorable factors, can eliminate all kinds of dark and black impurities well, can greatly improve the selection efficiency and ensure the color selection accuracy, and is also the main reason for the high selection rate of wheat color sorter. Under normal circumstances, the average color selection accuracy of the wheat color sorter can reach 98% or more. If the adjustment is in a good state, the color selection accuracy can reach 99.9% or more.

Nowadays, the color sorting machine for wheat is an indispensable advanced equipment for medium-sized and above grade powder factories. The economic and social benefits it creates are enormous, especially the special powder manufacturers will produce greater investment-benefit ratio.
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