7 chutes color sorter
7 chutes color sorter
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7 chutes color sorter

LINPRO AI 7 chutes color sorter is designed with 448 channels. It belongs to big sorter series.

Technical Details
Model  Chute No. Channels Accuracy Voltage Power G.W. Dimension ((L*W*H))
PRO7 7 448 99.9% 220V/50HZ or 60HZ 3.4kw 1600kg 3.4*1.5*1.45 m

It suitable for different kinds of agriculture products, plastic products, and minerals. Please check the capacity details as below.

Capacity of 7 chutes colour sorting machine 
Series Products Capacity  Series Products Capacity
Plastic PET PVC flakes 3000 kg/hour Mineral quartz stone 1-8 ton/hour
ABS flakes 3500 kg/hour K-feldspar 1-8 ton/hour
wheat  14 ton/hour calcite 1-8 ton/hour
corn maize 11 ton/hour Calcium 
1-8 ton/hour
  Coffee beans 2800 kg/hour Seeds sesame 800 kg/hour
Cacao beans 2800 kg/hour chia seeds 1000 kg/hour
Nuts cashew nuts 3000 kg/hour quinoa 1000 kg/hour
walnut 3000 kg/hour  vegetable seeds 100-800 kg/hour
pistachio 2800 kg/hour Beans
lentils 3000 kg/hour
almond 3000 kg/hour moong dal 3000 kg/hour
pine nut 2800 kg/hour chana dal 3000 kg/hour
hazelnut 3000 kg/hour kindey beans 3000 kg/hour
peanut 3000 kg/hour white beans 3000 kg/hour
sunflower seeds 2800 kg/hour chick peas 3000 kg/hour
pumpkin seeds 2800 kg/hour dry 
dry flower 100-300 kg/hour
Raisins & dates 2000 kg/hour dry vegetables 200-800 kg/hour

Please kind note: the capacity in the table is estimated, the accurate capacity will be depends on the impurity etc.

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