Two Technical Advantages of Color Sorter for Barite
Two Technical Advantages of Color Sorter for Barite
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Two Technical Advantages of Color Sorter for Barite

The principle of the color sorter for Barite, like plastic color separator, tea color separator and rice color separator, mainly aims at the separation of ores, including black ores, non-ferrous ores, precious metals, non-metals, etc. It is one of the big fists of Lingheng, making it meet the requirements of the standards. The separation method of color sorter for Barite is environmentally friendly and scientific. It has many advantages. Generally, it has two main technical advantages.

First, all-round 360-degree color selection. 24-bit full-color high-speed industrial camera, with high-speed image acquisition card, achieves the highest color resolution of today's color sorter, and the color sorting effect is good.

Second, full micro-computer operation. In order to complete the separation of color materials, we use industrial computers to operate the color sorter; the touch screen used by the former color sorter can not meet the needs of full micro-operation. The color resolution is high, and image processing operation with various functions can be carried out, which obviously improves the accuracy of color selection.

At present, there are many manufacturers of color sorting machines. The color sorting equipment introduced has its own characteristics, and the effect of color sorting varies greatly. Most people consult the price before buying the machine, and then compare it with others. As the old saying goes, when you buy something, you will compare it with three another seller. We are not afraid of the unknown of the goods, but the comparing with others. Usually when we buy things, we are concerned about quality and service. Buying color sorter, we care about technology and color sorting effect. There is no doubt that the effect of color selection is a direct reflection of the technical content of the machine. Lingheng produces professional color sorter for Barite, which is trustworthy!

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