Three ways to help you Choose a Grain Color Sorter
Three ways to help you Choose a Grain Color Sorter
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Three ways to help you Choose a Grain Color Sorter

As we all know, the quality of grain is one of the measurement indicators for choosing and purchasing grain. Only if the quality of grain is good and there are no impurities, can consumers buy it. There is no doubt that the grain production enterprises are facing challenges, and need 100% to put forward heterochromatic particles and impurities, such as coal cinder, small glass, black rice, etc. The grain color sorter can fully meet these requirements. However, there will be some doubts when choosing and purchasing the grain color sorter. How to choose the appropriate grain color sorter?

First, choose a color sorter with color linear array CCD sensor. The grain color sorter aims at the difference between yellow and black grain rice and normal white rice without general physical characteristics. It can not be eliminated by conventional cleaning methods. It can only be eliminated by means of photoelectric colorimetric method and equipment using the difference of color and reflectivity between yellow and black grain rice and white rice, which is also called photoelectric color sorter. Photoelectric sensors are the eyes of color sorters. The commonly used photoelectric sensors are silicon photovoltaic cells, black and white linear arrays, color linear array CCD, etc. Considering the number of color sorting categories and service life, the color sorter with color linear array CCD sensor has advantages.

Second, choose the type and size of color sorter according to the daily output of grain processing. Generally speaking, the processing capacity of each channel is kilogram/hour. If 128 channel color sorter is selected, the daily processing capacity is more than 15 tons (8 hours/day). Considering the benefit of small township enterprises, 128-192 channel color sorter can be selected.

Third, the color separation accuracy and the stripping ratio of grain color sorter are important indexes to measure the quality of color sorter. Generally, the color separation accuracy is greater, and the stripping ratio is less than 1:8. From the operational point of view, the selection of touch screen intelligent operating system can reduce the operator's learning and mastery of computer language. From the point of view of after-sales service, it is a better plan to select the products of domestic enterprises with good qualifications. At present, the quality of color sorters produced by domestic enterprises is comparable to that of foreign brand color sorters, and there are convenient advantages of after-sales service and professional maintenance centers.

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