Problems needing Attention in the Application of Barite Color Sorting Machine
Problems needing Attention in the Application of Barite Color Sorting Machine
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Problems needing Attention in the Application of Barite Color Sorting Machine

In order to cope with market changes, the research and development of color sorting machine  in China is also making progress. Various enterprises have carried out extensive and continuous research on color sorting machine, especially ore enterprises. From photoelectric (analog) technology, CCD (digital) technology application, to intelligent color sorter cloud technology and Internet of Things technology research and application, color sorter technology and application has been constantly updated.

In the application of barite color sorting machine, the performance may be unstable and need to be repaired and re-adjusted frequently. This is mostly due to the instability of the optical system composed of the light source, background and imaging system of barite color sorting machine, especially on the equipment with simple optical system.

In addition, there are more stive and dust in the application environment, and vibration and interference are larger, and temperature changes will affect the working status of color sorter, resulting in inaccurate detection signal or changes of the delay time in the control of high-pressure valve opening, thus affecting the accuracy of impurity injection action. In addition, the matching degree of process and material problems will have a certain impact on the effect of ore color separation.

On the basis of independent innovation, barite color sorting machine enterprises need to make breakthroughs in the following aspects:

(1) The application of new light source and mixed light source; the development of better spray valve improves productivity while reducing the take-out ratio, adopting to more products of color selection; the research of signal processing and control technology of CCD color sorter should be strengthened to solve the problems of randomness and multi-channel of CCD color sorter.
(2) Applying new high-speed and ultra-large-scale microprocessors and embedding more recognition algorithms improves the practicability of the system;
(3) With the "Internet+” as a tool, we will vigorously improve the platform construction of big data cloud system, equipped with fault diagnosis and online communication functions, and we can turn to the enterprise after-sales service front desk for help in real time in case of failure, requesting technical guidance. Realize the intellectualization and remote intellectualization of color selection operation, and bring infinite value-added business information to customers through scientific and effective analysis.

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