Production Status of Rice Color Sorter
Production Status of Rice Color Sorter
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Production Status of Rice Color Sorter

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, people's demand for food quality is also getting higher and higher. As the staple food of most people in the south, the quality of milled rice has increasingly become an important indicator of consumer choice. For the general consumer, what can be spelled out is basically some apparent factors, so the color of rice is closely related to commodity sales. Rice color sorter machine can greatly improve the color of rice.

Rice color sorter uses advanced photoelectric technology to specially remove discoloration. During the storage of rice, some grains will deteriorate and become yellow grains due to fever and other reasons. Yellow-grained rice contains harmful ingredients to human body. The finished rice contains more goods than rice, which not only affects the commodity value of rice, but also the health of consumers. It should be removed as far as possible. Because there is no difference in general physical characteristics between yellow rice and normal white rice, it can not be removed by common ship clearance method. Only by the difference of color and reflectivity between yellow rice and white rice can it be used to eliminate by photoelectric colorimetric method and equipment. The rice color sorter can also eliminate the discoloration of small glass and coal particles mixed in rice by using the difference of color.

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