LINPRO'S New AI Color Sorter Won The National Patent
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LINPRO'S New AI Color Sorter Won The National Patent

On March 26, 2018, the company's new AI color sorter won the national utility model patent certificate. The new AI color sorter adopts a new system and structure, and the research and development lasted for nearly half a year. It was developed and sampled successfully in August 2017.

The new color sorter system has been upgraded on the basis of previous machines in software, slides, loading and feeding devices, which has made a breakthrough in the production of most materials and effectively reduced the material skipping (material and body). Friction causes the situation to jump during the falling process), so that the material falls more accurately into the hopper of the finished product and the defective product, and at the same time, the ratio of the screening is reduced (the ratio of the good products in the defective product) . In addition, the new AI intelligent software is adopted, which makes the operation more convenient and more humanized.

The test of representative products such as rice, wheat, peanuts, plastic granules and small and medium-sized ore has achieved gratifying results. Soon, we will officially produce new machines and put them into the market, expecting to surprise our customers!

We will continue to try and innovate and continue to bring new technologies.
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