Five Basic Systems of Grain Color Sorter
Five Basic Systems of Grain Color Sorter
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Five Basic Systems of Grain Color Sorter

A fully functioning grain color sorter is composed of dozens of hundreds of parts, such as hopper, background plate, light source, glass wiper in discharge bin, etc. It will be very complicated to explain each part of the grain color sorter. Therefore, we analyze each system composed of five parts: feeding system, photoelectric system, sorting system, cleaning system and operating system, which is easy to understand the working process and principle of grain color sorter.

First, Feeding system:

It is composed of feeding hopper, vibration feeder and chute slide. The grain material to be sorted enters the vibrating feeder from the hopper. The material is arranged into a series of continuous current fine bundles automatically through the vibrating and guiding mechanism. After accelerating through the trough, the material falls to the detection area of photoelectric sorting at a constant speed to ensure that the material is clearly presented in the optical sorting and injection area. The feeding system can control the output of the color sorter besides providing the raw grain to be selected for the color sorter. The output per unit time of color sorter can be controlled by adjusting the flow control plate of feeding hopper and the vibration quantity of vibrating hopper. Our country has a vast recovery. In some places, because of the wet air, rice will adhere to the slideway or adhere with each other when it slides along the slideway, which will affect the accuracy of color sorting. Therefore, the slideway should have heating and drying function for the grain entering it.

Second, Photoelectric System:

Photoelectric system is the core part of grain color sorter, which mainly consists of light source, background plate, CCD lens and related auxiliary devices. The light source provides stable and uniform illumination for the tested material and the background plate. The experimental results show that the blue LED light source is the best lighting source. The CCD lens transforms the reflected light of the measured material into electrical signals in the detection area (the detection area is sealed dumb dark box, which is aimed to prevent stray light from entering the CCD lens and affecting the accuracy). Background panel provides reference signal for electronic control system. Its reflective characteristics are basically equivalent to those of qualified products but differ greatly from those of rejected products.

Third, Sorting system:

The sorting system is composed of an outlet bin, a jet valve, an air compressor and an air filter purifier. Due to the large kinetic energy of grain material after high-speed nozzle injection, it is necessary to take that the space of the discharge bin is large enough and there are vibration mitigation measures at the contact part between the material and the discharge bin into account. The above method is to prevent grain from being hit twice into the detection area of CCD lens after it bounces out of the storage bin, causing the phenomenon of mistakenly striking. For the pneumatic nozzle, it has been proved by experiments that the size of nozzle spacing and the number of nozzles are one of the key factors affecting the accuracy of color sorter.

Fourth, Cleaning system:

The cleaning system consists of cylinder, glass wiper and other components. Because rice produces dust and other impurities that easily adhere to glass during color separation. Once there is too much dust and impurities attached to the window glass, the photoelectric system for sorting and testing materials through the window glass will easily cause chain problems such as misdetection. From the light aspect, it has an impact on the accuracy of color sorting and the ratio of color sorting to stripping. From the heavy aspect, it causes the frequent operation of jet nozzles, reduces the life of nozzles and controls systems, and sets up the burning nozzle control system. The glass wiper is installed on the cylinder, and the master control system drives the cylinder piston to slide by controlling the valve switch of the  cylinder time so as to achieve the effect of cleaning dust and impurities on the glass regularly according to the preset times.

Fifth, Operating system:

A large screen wide viewing angle color touch operation platform is used to preset multiple color selection modes for customers. A friendly man-machine interface is established to realize the adjustment conveniently and quickly according to the specific situation of grain materials.

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