Five Design Principles of Rice Color Sorter Technology
Five Design Principles of Rice Color Sorter Technology
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Five Design Principles of Rice Color Sorter Technology

For the the rice color sorter manufacturer, we should chooses LingHeng! For the color sorting process of rice color sorter, it needs to go through three processes: whitening, polishing and grading. At the same time, it should follow the design principles of rice color sorter, supplemented by dust-collecting air network and equipped with compressed air system, so as to better optimize the color sorting accuracy of rice color sorter. Lingheng is your trusted rice color sorter manufacturer.

(1) Before rice color selection, polishing should be carried out first. After polishing, the rice contains less chaff, its surface is white and bright, and its fluidity is good, which is conducive to improving the color separation effect. For some raw grains, such as high-quality Japonica Rice in Northeast China, the grading process can be directly entered without polishing process after multi-machine grinding, and then enters into the color separation process.

(2) Before rice color selection, it must go through grading process. Firstly, the tensile and compressive strength of heterochromatic grains is low. After cleaning, hulling, milling, polishing and other processes, as well as the impact during mechanical transportation, some heterochromatic grains have been broken, which can be removed by grading to reduce the content of heterochromatic grains in rice. Secondly, the sieve under grading does not need to enter the color selection process, thus increasing the output of color sorter. Thirdly, the temperature of rice after whitening and polishing is higher. The rice grading also has a certain role in cooling rice.

(3) It is equipped with perfect dust-collecting wind net. The color sorter should be equipped with a dust-collecting air net to avoid excessive amount of chaff powder in the closed sorting room. Absorbing the chaff powder can not only make the rice cleaner, but also reduce the temperature of the rice grain, which is conducive to improve the color sorting effect, ensure the normal operation of the color sorter, and prolong the life of the cylinder.

(4) Compressed air system. Compressed air system should be configurated strictly according to the requirements of color sorter so as to ensure the quality of gas source. The air compressor is required to be oil-free and water-free, and should also be equipped with proper filters and dryers. All gas pipelines should be pollution-free and connected with high-grade pipelines. In order to stabilize the pressure, a storage tank with a capacity of not less than 1 cubic metre is usually installed in front of the color sorter. The optimum intake pressure is 0.6-0.7 MPa, and the nozzle pressure is between 0.20-0.25 MPa.

(5) In the process design, there should be enough actual space size to ensure that the pipeline has enough inclination, so that the material can flow freely by self-weight.

The rice color sorter manufacturer lingheng produces the professional rice color sorter, improves the quality service for the general customers. When you buy the rice color sorter, you can choose the rice color sorter manufacturer Lingheng.

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