5 Chutes Color Sorter
5 Chutes Color Sorter
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5 Chutes Color Sorter

LINPRO AI 5 chutes color sorter is designed with 320 channels. It belongs to middle sorter series, meanwhile it is the most popular model.

Technical Details
Model  Chute No. Channels Accuracy Voltage Power G.W. Dimension ((L*W*H))
PRO5 5 320 99.9% 220V/50HZ or 60HZ 2.6kw 1200kg 2.6*1.5*1.45 m

It suitable for different kinds of agriculture products, plastic products, and minerals. Please check the capacity details as below.

Capacity of 5 chutes colour sorting machine 
Series Products Capacity  Series Products Capacity
Plastic PET PVC flakes 2500 kg/hour Mineral quartz stone 0.5-6 ton/hour
ABS flakes 3500 kg/hour K-feldspar 0.5-6 ton/hour
wheat  10 ton/hour calcite 0.5-6 ton/hour
corn maize 8 ton/hour Calcium 
0.5-6 ton/hour
  Coffee beans 2000 kg/hour Seeds sesame 400 kg/hour
Cacao beans 2000 kg/hour chia seeds 500 kg/hour
Nuts cashew nuts 2500 kg/hour quinoa 500 kg/hour
walnut 2500 kg/hour  vegetable seeds 50-500 kg/hour
pistachio 2000 kg/hour Beans
lentils 2500 kg/hour
almond 2500 kg/hour moong dal 2500 kg/hour
pine nut 2000 kg/hour chana dal 2500 kg/hour
hazelnut 2500 kg/hour kindey beans 2500 kg/hour
peanut 2500 kg/hour white beans 2500 kg/hour
sunflower seeds 2000 kg/hour chick peas 2500 kg/hour
pumpkin seeds 2000 kg/hour dry 
dry flower 50-200 kg/hour
Raisins & dates 1500 kg/hour dry vegetables 100-500 kg/hour

Please kind note: the capacity in the table is estimated, the accurate capacity will be depends on the impurity etc.

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