Application of Plastics Sorting Machine in Plastic Industry
Application of Plastics Sorting Machine in Plastic Industry
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Application of Plastics Sorting Machine in Plastic Industry

Recently, the three ministries and commissions jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Renewable Resources Industry, giving clear instructions on the importance, overall requirements, main tasks, key areas, major pilot demonstrations and guarantee measures of the renewable resources industry.

Among them, it is clearly pointed out that "demonstration of high-value and high-quality utilization of waste plastics" focuses on developing automatic identification and separation technology of waste plastics, separation technology of paper-plastic, aluminium-plastic and steel-plastic composite materials, high-value utilization technology of waste plastics modification, secondary pollution control technology and special equipment for waste plastics recycling and utilization, and building a number of leading enterprises of which the scale is no less than 200,000 tons/year, and focus on supporting a number of demonstration enterprises for recycling waste plastics with high efficiency and effective promotion of environmental protection, greatly improving the quality of plastic recycled products and enhancing market competitiveness.

As a new sorting technology in renewable resources industry, photoelectric color sorting technology of plastic sorting machine is more convenient, more efficient and more precise than traditional sorting technologies such as electrostatic sorting, vibration screening and so on.

Collar constant caterpillar type plastic sorting machine is sorted by material color difference. With the full color CCD camera, caterpillar structure, high sorting accuracy, low belt-out ratio, it is a high-value utilization technology in the renewable resources industry. According to the material customization algorithm, a plastic sorting machine is used to separate various materials.

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